Are You A Real Fifth Harmony Fan?

Prove how much you really know about your favorite pop female group.

Created by Fusion
On Mar 29, 2017

What is the name of Fifth Harmony's debut studio album?

List the Fifth Harmony members from youngest to oldest.

Camila is a fan girl for which pop group?

Which member of Fifth Harmony is "the Little Big Sister"?

When the girls are on tour, what do they miss most from home?

Dinah Jane is of ________ decent.

Which Fifth Harmony member dated Austin Mahone?

True or False: Fifth Harmony's original band name was "ROSES"

Why is Ally always connected to her phone?

What are Fifth Harmony fans called?

You are a Harmonizer!

You are a Harmonizer!

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You're getting there!

You're getting there!

Bummer! But don't fret. Watch this video to get to know Fifth Harmony a little better!