Which SGFG Song Are You?

What song are you from 5sos' album "Sound Good, Feels Good"?

Created By 5sos2k16
On Mar 29, 2017

How would you describe yourself?

Are you always bitchin'?

Money, or nah?

What would you rather do with 5sos?

Favourite song so far from the album?

Which song are you mostly excited to hear on the album?

What would happen if 5sos followed you on your social media?

Who's your favourite member from the band?

Which 5sos' song do you think you are?

Are you punk rock, or nah?

Lastly, what did you think about my quiz?

"She's Kinda Hot"

"She's Kinda Hot"

"My girlfriend's bitchin' 'cause I always sleep in."

Umm, where's your chill? Just kidding! This song represents your no patience for stupidity, and what's else? You're kinda hot ;-)

"Fly Away"

"Fly Away"

"I want a little bit of California, with a little bit of London's sky."

You're an adventurer! You love the outdoors, and love the moments you have with your friends. :-)

"Jet Black Heart"

"Jet Black Heart"

"I've got a jet black heart, and there's a hurricane underneath it; trying to keep us apart."

You're an hopeless romantic to heart, and you feel like you make many mistakes, and not worthy for love. Don't worry; 5sos will always be your light. <3



"Take my money, take my keys; drive this car through the drive thru please."

This song doesn't mean you're a gold digger; it just means you love spending your m-o-n-e-y on 5sos! Merchandise, tickets to their concerts, meet-n-greets--sign you up! ;-) $$$$$

"Permanent Vacation"

"Permanent Vacation"

"We are the voices of the new generation!"

You move around a lot (or you don't, but you feel you do). You just want to settle down, and be in the arms of someone safe. That's why this song is for you. <3