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Drivers Who Don't Use A Turn Signal
You're somebody who truly cares about the safety of others and you get mad when people do stupid things that could potentially harm others!
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Chewing With An Open Mouth
You're somebody who is very aware of having good manners and find that when someone doesn't, it means they're usually disrespectful and rude
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People Using Speaker Phones In Public Areas
You believe that privacy is important and don't feel that anybody should feel the need to have a conversation in front of strangers
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Not Washing Hands After Using The Bathroom
You are very health conscious and think hygiene is extremely important! You expect everyone to care about their health as well as others'
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People Who Are Always Interrupting
You respect other people's time and believe there is a time and a place for everything. You don't have patience for people who interrupt with nonsense
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Spoiled Kids
You believe that what people need most is love and tenderness. You feel we should be talk the importance of love over material things as kids
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People Who Don't Cover Their Cough/Sneeze
You hate to be a nuisance to others and go above and beyond to make sure you aren't possibly hindering anyone
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People Who Don't Know About Personal Space
You're somebody who can be quite introspective and you value your space away from others at times
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Slow Walkers
You're someone who lives a fast-paced lifestyle and you like to make the most of your time! You don't like others to slow you down literally!
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Cutting In Line
You believe that everyone is equal to each other and cannot stand when some people believe they are superior than others!
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