What Vegas House Suits Your Luck?

Ever wondered where your luck in Vegas lies? Cassandra Vera asked that question, in Mindy Ruiz's new novel ENCHANTED HEART, and discovered she was heir to the House of Hearts. Her frenemy was the future Queen of Spades and only the gods know who's in-line for the House of Diamonds and Clubs. Maybe you!

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It’s Friday night and well past curfew when your friends show up outside your window wanting you to sneak out.  You decide:
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It’s Friday night and well past curfew when your friends show up outside your window wanting you to sneak out. You decide:
Hell yeah, what took you so long? Give me two minutes to sweet talk mom and dad into letting me out. Meet you at the front door.
I’m feeling lucky. If we’re going somewhere cool I’ll shimmy out the window and join you.
I’ll go, but only because who knows what trouble you’ll end up in with out me.
Who else is going? And don’t lie to me because you know I’ll know.
All my going-out battle gear is off and I have chocolate covered popcorn waiting. Catch ya next time.
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There’s a crazy invite-only party and you want to go. Do you:
Wrangle up some last minute invites, and trust me, no one wants to know how you did it.
Flirt with the front door bouncer while everyone else sneaks in and then pat yourself on the back when you’re invited.
We can try to sneak in, but the first sign of trouble I’m out of here. And you all are coming with me.
Find the back door and push your luck that you and your friends won’t get caught.
Sneak in because you’re already out and everyone else is sneaking in.
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It's Valentine’s Day. Do you:
Love the motto: Why limit yourself? These lips were made for kissing!
Make sure the one you love feels extra special because the thing that makes you happiest is seeing them happy.
Wander the halls admiring all the lovers and wishing you had someone special.
Count yourself lucky you found that one special person that makes everyday feel like Valentine’s Day
Wish the day would hurry up and end because people are lying if they think there such a thing as forever love.
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Your perfect date is:
The place doesn’t matter. One day you'll be lucky enough to be with the right person.
Sky diving and skinny dipping.
The place that makes your date’s dreams come true.
When I’m not paying.
A picnic in a unique place.
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You’re at a New Year’s Eve party and a fight breaks out. Do you:
Find the nearest exit and get your tush to safety. New Year’s kiss be damned.
Roll your eyes and keep dancing with your date.
Step in and try to break up the party before anyone gets hurt.
Sit back, watch the show, and take odds on who will win.
Find the underdog and join in.
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