Quiz: Are You Fancy Enough To Party With Louis XIV?

In 1682, Louis XIV moved his Court to the Château de Versailles, which was able to accommodate up to 10,000 people. Some courtiers were there by choice, others by obligation: all of them had to navigate complex rules of etiquette and decorum. Are you fancy enough to party with the Sun King? Take our quiz and find out.

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You urgently need to speak with the King! What do you do?
You urgently need to speak with the King! What do you do?
d. Daintily scratch on his door with your left pinkie nail
a. Knock on his door
b. Curl up in the fetal position in front of his throne
c. Wait in line like everyone else
You've been gunning for this position ever since you got to Court! Pick your dream job:
a. The Royal Herder of Mistresses
d. The King's Human Footstool
c. The Royal Lice Tamer
b. The Remover of the King's Morning Perspiration
You're super late for a secret rendezvous with your paramour. How do you pull an Irish Goodbye from the Hall of Mirrors?
b. Wait until all of the higher ranked nobles have left the room
d. Wait for the usher to open the door
a. Climb out the window
c. Open the door like a normal person
Which of the following situations requires you to bow?
d. All of the above
c. The arrival of the Royal Camembert
a. The arrival of the King's poodle
b. The arrival of the King's chamber pot
Female courtiers are required to master the following walk:
d. The Fabulous Fromage
b. The Lazy Swan
a. The Versailles Glide
c. The Precocious Papillon
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