What area of Massachusetts should you live in?

Are you a Boston resident? Maybe you'd belong among the beautiful scenery of the Berkshires. See what your personality says about where you belong!

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What is your go-to indulgence?
What is your go-to indulgence?
Salt water taffy - even in winter
A Friendly's Fribble
An iced coffee from Marylou's
Fresh apple pie made with apples picked nearby
A banana split from Sundae School
Anything involving Marshmallow Fluff
Matt Damon
Who would you rather meet?
John F. Kennedy
Matt Damon
Jordan Knight
James Ihedigbo
John Cena
Rocky Marciano
What location appeals to you most?
A fishing town close to beautiful beaches and marshes
A picturesque setting complete with hiking trails and foliage in the fall
A spot with rolling hills, woodlands, and a convenient drive to the city
Anywhere close to a bustling city with a rich history
A friendly town as close to the beach as it is to the city
A quiet seaside spot away from the city
What educational spot would you be more likely to visit?
Plimoth Plantation
Norman Rockwell Museum
The Old North Bridge
Woods Hole Science Aquarium
House of the Seven Gables
Old Sturbridge Village
How do you feel about the letter "r"?
I don't have an issue with it
Some of my friends seem to have a problem with it
I don't realize when I don't pronounce it
Um, what kind of question is this?
I cringe when people don't pronounce it
Nevah use it
How would your friends describe you?
Classy and well-read
An introspective idealist
Strong-willed and hardworking
Sweet and thoughtful
Adventurous and always on the go
Laid back and optimistic
Play Again?

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