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You are travelling with your laptop and you get to your hotel room. You want to head out for a quick run. What do you do with your laptop?
You are travelling with your laptop and you get to your hotel room. You want to head out for a quick run. What do you do with your laptop?
Put it in the room safe
Put it in the safe, close your blinds and leave the TV on while you are gone
Put your computer bag under the bed
Put it under the comforter on the bed
You stop at a store on your way home from school or work. What do you do with your laptop?
Wait until no one is around and put it in your trunk
Stop at a well lit area before you reach your final destination and put it in your trunk
Hide it under your seat
Hide it under your seat
Take it with you
You get a new computer. What is the first thing you do?
Start it up and get an Absolute LoJack account
Boot it up and start surfing the net
Write down the manufacturer, model, and serial number of your laptop and file this information. And etch your name on the bottom
Set up a password
You are at a coffee shop or library and you are tired and need to put your head down
You close your laptop and put your head down on it
Ask someone to watch your stuff while you put your head down
You put your laptop away in your bag and put it under your chair
You put your laptop away, go home and get a nap
You get a fancy new computer in a store
You get the extra assistance in store to setup Absolute LoJack before exiting the store.
Continue to shop with a friend or relative
Take a look around the store to see if anyone is a little too interested in what you are purchasing
As soon as you check out you pull out the cell phone and start letting people know about your cool new system as you walk out of the store
You are waiting for a plane with your laptop bag do you:
Put your bag in the chair next to you
Put it under your chair
Put the bag between your feet
You checked it with your luggage so you don’t have to worry about it
You are going through airport security and have to take your laptop out do you:
Know that the security guards take note of who’s device is who’s using video surveillance
Make sure the security guard knows you are putting your laptop in by showing it to him
Keep your eye on your laptop as you get through screening
Wait to let it go through the machine until the person in front of you has gone through the screener
Your PC is stolen by a stranger. You have figured out where they live. Do you:
Become a vigilante and go after it (Hint: Never do this. People get killed doing this)
Kiss that laptop goodbye and start figuring out how you are going to replace it
Contact the security service you are paying for and let them do their job
Call the police and report it stolen
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