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Gilbert Grissom
Gilbert Grissom -Known as the bug man -Married and divorced Sara Sidle -Famous for his quote 'Follow the Evidence'
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Catherine Willows
Catherine Willows -Divorced, one daughter named Lindsey -Danced in bars before CSI -Father is a casino owner -Left CSI to become a FBI
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Warrick Brown
Warrick Brown -Born and raised in Vegas -Murdered by Undersheriff Jeffery Mckeen -Had a gambling problem
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Nick Stokes
Nick Stokes -From Texas -Father is a judge -Was kidnapped and buried alive in Season 5 -Became the new bug guy after Grissom left
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Sara Sidle
Sara Sidle -Married and divorced Grissom -Had a traumatic childhood -Kidnapped by the 'Miniature Killer' in Season 7 and 8 -Is a Vegetarian
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Greg 'Hojem' Sanders
Greg 'Hojem' Sanders -Originally a Lab Rat -Is famed for his crazy hairstyles and ugly shirts -Had an on-going crush on Sara
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David Hodges
David Hodges -A Lab Rat -Got engaged to a Italian model -Wasn't liked in the beginning -Kissed the most amount of people in the group
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Morgan Brody
Morgan Brody -Originally a CSI at Los Angeles -Daughter of Sheriff Conrad Ecklie -Was shot by Detective Jim Brass's daughter, Ellie
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Dr Albert Robbins
Dr Albert Robbins -Chief Medical Examiner -Has prosthetic limbs and uses a crutch -His twin died was a stillborn
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David Phillips
David Phillips -Assistant coroner -Had a crush on Sara in the early seasons -Has one son named Joshua
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Jim Brass
Jim Brass -Fought in the Vietnam War -Has an adopted daughter named Ellie -Accidentally killed an officer in a street shoot-out
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Dr. Raymond Langston
Dr. Raymond Langston -Was originally a surgeon before becoming a CSI -His mortal enemy is serial killer, Nate Haskell -Carries a violince gene
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D.B. Russell
D.B. Russell -Originally the Director of a Crime Lab in Seattle -Real first name is 'Diebekorn' -Has knowledge about mushrooms
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Julie Finlay
Julie Finlay -Worked with D.B. in Seattle, and was fired by D.B. -Has three divorces -Has the nickname 'The Blood Whisperer'
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