Which Hedgepeth is your spirit animal?

To say the least, we are a diverse and wild bunch. Which one of us do you resonate with the most?

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Someone pulls out a camera or phone to take your picture...what do you naturally do?
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Someone pulls out a camera or phone to take your picture...what do you naturally do?
You bat your eyes and bring all the smolder because you know you are made for this!
You smile just like you were trained to and will sit there until the best possible picture has been taken.
You sit there just as perfectly and adorable as ever.
You laugh nervously, pull up the Ricky Bobby hands and ask for help on what to do next.
You start lifting your shirt and showing your belly and laughing hysterically, may even roll around on the ground.
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
It's snack time! What's your go to snack?
Two honey butter biscuits, a bowl of cheerios, a banana, strawberry yogurt and what else are you making me?
A bowl of mixed nuts and some green tea.
Banana oatmeal and apple juice.
A second cup of coffee for the day and Ben and Jerry's. Maybe while hiding in the bathroom so I don't have to share.
Whatever it is, it'll be organized by color and eaten in the proper order.
Time for Hulu/Netflix! What do you turn on?
Something to do with history, gamer stuff or just plain nerdy.
Something where they shout and ask me to talk to the screen.
Some sort of 90's coming of age show or a Nicholas Sparks movie.
Either as shallow as it comes with princess and sparkle everything or deep and educational like space or biology or anatomy..gotta be an extreme either way.
Spongebob, loud and colorful and silly!
Someone will NOT stop hugging you and you need space. What do you do?
Take it. Do you really have a choice?
You're so immune to it by now but later you'll pass out from all of the exhaustion of being climbed, maybe on your laptop or in a bowl of ice cream.
Grab the biggest chunk of hair you can, pull and don't let go until you've ripped enough out to make sure they know better next time.
Scream at the top of your lungs and dwell on it for about three hours, bringing it up every 15 minutes.
Kick, bite, mumble your own language and then forget about it sixty seconds later.
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
You have the ENTIRE weekend off! What do you want to do?
Go to the gym, read a book in silence, spend hours on the beach.
Drive down the beach road, get Front Porch Cafe and lounge.
Whatever you guys want to do!
Oh we can take it easy...maybe go play putt putt, organize our rooms and toys, go to the aquarium..the playground, the beach, go shopping a little...
It's not what are we doing, it's what are we EATING!
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
What's your favorite color?
LIFE! Life is my favorite color! lalala!
Blue. All the blues. Just keeping it manly over here.
All shades of pink, yellow for sunshine and whatever color the ocean is that day :)
Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Yellow and Blue...
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Time to go to sleep! What's your routine?
Whenever I've shut down the house and I'm finally able to.
Usually I just fall asleep while eating.
Most likely to be found passed out at the computer, while reading or in the middle of doing laundry. Sad but slightly cute.
Yeah I know I'm supposed to go to sleep in my own bed but I'd much rather manipulate you into letting you let me fall asleep in yours with sweet talk and batting the eyes.
Oh I could go to sleep..but playing is more fun! I can't really control the volume of my voice so I have to go to a separate part of the house for bedtime. What does be quiet mean??
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Good morning! How do you wake up?
I wake up on a mission. Where's my stuff I was organizing the night before? Did you touch it? You didn't look at it..did you? Now, here's my breakfast order. GO.
Cutely. I smile the second I see the people I love most.
Sometimes I wake up on the floor. How did I get there? Who knows..just go start my breakfast for me please.
If I've been lucky enough to get 20 extra minutes of sleep than usual, I'm up and ready to go go go!
When I get dog piled on by enough people...I'll finally get up. But I'm not ready, I never am.
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
You have 20 minutes ALONE! What do you do?
You get into trouble...probably drawing on things you're not supposed to :)
You go through something you're not supposed to but justify it because you just put it in a more organized order so that makes it okay. You were just trying to help.
You read, journal or take a shower...finally!
Play video games or cat nap.
You cry 1 minute in and make sure someone gets right back in that room! How dare they leave you!
Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Your favorite place in the world to be is...
Well, ideally it would be somewhere educational with people I love telling me I'm a princess and beautiful all while I learn things and take on the world. Just something simple like that :)
With the people you love. Anywhere.
In someone else's arms.
In someone else's arms, with food.
With the people you love on the beach and no one is freaking out yelling, lol.
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